16-Year-Old Surfer Launches Handmade Swimsuit Company

Sweet Spot Swim isn’t your typical swimsuit company. Mainly, because it’s run by sixteen-year-old, Vivian Drewelow. Drewelow grew up on the shores of Kauai, developing a passion for the ocean at an early age, before eventually moving to Encinitas, Calif. In Encinitas, she saw a need for cute bikinis available at an affordable price. And so, in the spring of 2016, Sweet Spot Swim was born. Here, Drewelow shares the process of making her suits, how her Brazilian roots have inspired some of her styles, and her hopes for the future of her company.

Tell me a little about your background.
I grew up traveling to Brazil (where my mother was born and raised), different areas of Mexico, Hawaii, and of course, the California coast. I mainly visited and explored the coastal areas and I got to see time and time again how incredibly beautiful the ocean is from the umbrella covered beaches in Rio de Janeiro to deserted white sand beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula. I started surfing when I was about 13 or 14 and I would go between short and long board, feeling it out. I mostly longboard now and just recently started to feel real meaning and an amazing amount of oneness with the ocean.
What inspired you to launch a swimsuit company?
I wanted to make cute bikinis more accessible to girls (price-wise). My love of creating new designs and sewing bikinis are part of my Brazilian culture, and of course my love for swimsuits and how beautiful the female being is inspired me to start making suits.
When did you make your first suit?
I made my first suit ever in April of 2016. My mom sews, so she gave me some tips, but I first made a pattern out of a pair of cute Kaohs bottoms, cut them out, and sewed them by hand. They did not come out at all like the bottoms I tried to copy, but they were cute. It was very satisfying to make something that had use and I loved.


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