New Jersey’s Belmar Pro

Fall has begun, bringing us farther away from summer and closer to wetsuits. The Jersey Shore seeps out the last warm rush and the mid-Atlantic hurricane season comes to an end. Last month, the season’s peak hit a high. Lucky for Monmouth county NJ the storms rallied during the 2017 North East Regional for surfing.

The Belmar Pro is held in Belmar NJ and organized by Eastern Surfing Association. This 50-year-old “largest amateur surfing association in the world” worked with ocean communities along the shore to set up 16th – 18th avenue on September 8th – 10th. These three days are planned by Swell Info during the prime of hurricane season. Surfers and towns people, awaited Hurricane Irma as it hit South Florida during these early September days. The motion drifted up the coast giving waves before and after the nearby storms.

Local stores opened their doors. Belmar Restaurants such as, Fins Tropicali Cuisine, a promoter for the invitational, mixed up its salsa and broke out the fresh chips. Playa Bowls, also a promoter, prepared the acai and granola. The town of Belmar comes together each year to host their beach highlighted event. Each day the promoters, Eastern Lines Surf Shop staff, and local musicians join to end the day with a beach party. Surfers, family members and friends are always welcome to shake the salt out of their hair from a long day and enjoy a beer.

Day one kicked off with Men’s division. Then day two had men, women, and longboards shredding the break. These two days of competition were hammering in the waves. Some recall them as “epic” and others reached double over head. The last day, saved for semi and finals, held onto the last hurricane bites. Legends and masters stepped up to the last day to kick some ass. The conclusions in today’s events sent these surfers to catch the drift in Eastern Surfing Championship in Nag’s Head, North Carolina.

The event has come to an end along with summer. One last paddle out with bare feet and hair down. The warmth may be leaving the east coast but the surfing sparks from the Belmar Pro are left behind. The rankings of the event are listed below and are gaining some props from the all the locals in Belmar. Fins Tropicali Cuisine and Playa bowls move their specialties back inside shop, but not to be forgotten. The beach heads along the Jersey Shore, don’t hibernate their boards inside all winter. They keep them by the door ready to conquer the surf through the cold. The Belmar Pro may seem to be a goodbye to surf, sun and fun. But really, it’s just the beginning to a new temperature with the same old shenanigans.

Monster Mens Pro Invitational/Open

1. Rob Kelly
2. Kevin Schulz


1. Simon Hetrick
2. Jake DeMatteo
3. Pat Parenty
4. Logan Kamen

PlayaBowls Womens

1. Cassidy McClain
2. Maria Barend
3. Jessica Kwiecinski
4. Casey Kwiecinski

SRH Legends

1. Charlie VanderLindhe
2. Scott Duerr
3. Joe Gillen
4. Jack Murphy


1. Randy Townsend
2. Brian Dalton
3. Dallas Tolson
4. Dean Randazzo


1. Tony Silvagni
2. Kevin Dewald
3. Chris Koerner
4. Jeff Byse

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Photo below taken morning of September 8th.


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