Out of the Water Christmas List

Shake off the salt and let’s get ready for snow! Thanksgiving has come and gone, officially kicking off Christmas shopping with the infamous Black Friday brawls. If you didn’t feel like buttoning up your pants after Turkey stuffing, to make it to the night time deals, we have a gift list that you won’t want to miss. Most of them you can purchase right online, not to take away from any of your surfing time. There’s some last-minute stocking stuffers or some list toppers to steal your heart for your friends and family. Each item has been customized to fit our surfing lifestyle and desires, whether you’re prepping for the next wave or hanging outside the break.

Found at MoonBodySoul.com

Body Soak Moon Dust: “handmade natural meditative bath soak”

Need some winter relaxation? Rest the muscles and take some personal time with the healing power of this Moon Dust with rose petals to breathe in the new year.

Found at Bangsshoes.com

Old Pine High Tops: “supporting you on your everyday adventures”

Hitting the trails anytime soon? Grab a pair of these crafts. Inspired in Chinese culture, they are a fashion statement and comfortable for your adventurous life.

Found at Featsocks.com

Paradise 4-Pair of Print sock

Lounging around the house or adding some color to a pair of sneaks!

Found at Volcom.com

Warm Wishes Christmas Sweater

Light up grandma’s living room with this Volcom stone tree topped sweater.

Found at Indoboard.com

Original Training Package

Find balance in all aspects of your life, but start with an indo board for practice! A good work out technique and fun to do.

Found at Sambazon.com

Acai Super Fruit Packs: “Organic. Vegan. Fair Trade. Kosher. Gluten free. Lactose free.”

New year calls for healthy decisions! Grab these refrigerated fruit packs straight from the amazon to stay healthy and ready for the surf.

Found at Vans.com

Checker Board Authentic: “Off the Wall”

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