About Mo Stoke

About  Mo Stoke

This website is yours!

We as surfers use the internet every day for many things surfing related. Currently, it’s necessary to move around to several different sites, links, apps, etc.. to get what we’re looking for. So, we figured we should build a website with what we think are useful features and bring in writers from all over to kick it off. Then, let the general consensus of it’s users dictate where it goes from there!

There are quite a few surfing websites out there but unfortunately we as “users” have very little input (if any) on what content they give us to consume. While many of these sites are cool, we feel like the surfing community could create something with a much higher level of stoke on it’s own. So, MoStoke.Com is going to rely almost entirely on contribution and suggestion from users. Articles, news stories, pictures, videos, reviews, etc. All mainly created by users of the site. We aren’t limiting that to just the content. The features too. If you want a feature or have an idea for the site let us know or post about it in the forum for discussion. If the general consensus of the community is that it’ll be cool or beneficial, then we’ll build it (or try to). So if you’d like the website to deliver a bar of wax to you in the line up via drone, say so. If we can do it we will (we’ve already decided this one won’t work). Suggest whatever you can conjour up.

We think this will provide really interesting and diverse content and features and also give individuals in the community an opportunity to be heard or seen by an audience. At the same time, providing a little extra scratch to contributors (We’re paying writers)

So here is a breakdown of the site so far. The features we’re starting with and what the idea is behind each one.

Forecast – Here you’ll find several widgets or apps that provide accurate surf forecasts, tide data, and live buoy data. We’re currently developing our own forecasting tool and hope to provide our own forecast in the near future. In the meantime you can get the info you need right here!

Forum – Typical forum, we can bullshit and lie about the size of the waves we shred, talk about boards, get and give advice, etc. Most of us poke around many of the surfing related forums. We’ll be keeping a forum topic specifically for the community to suggest and discuss anything wanted on the site.

Profile – We’ve added a social aspect to the site. Friending, messaging, commenting, etc… You can tell as little or as much as you’d like about yourself.

Board Rack ( part of your profile) – We’re excited about this! Boards are EXPENSIVE and we can’t try them before we buy them. There’s “demo days” but they only occur when it’s flat. Haha. If you’re like us…whenever we see what looks to be a cool shape or hear someone talking about how much they like a specific board, the fury of google searches begins. Unless it’s a super popular board, you’ll most likely only come up with a forum post or two that doesn’t tell you what you really want to know. Or, you’ll find those board review sites which are cool when it comes to specs and stuff, but those people are usually retailers that sell the board, the issue there is obvious. We hope to create a resource of board reviews that will give anyone researching a specific board as much info as possible, from multiple people actually surfing the board. This also gives users the ability to ask other users for more info on a board.

News – Yep… we need to be in the know

Pictures – Feel free to upload a hero shot of that bottom turn that was really just you falling or upload a picture of one of the pros from around the world.

Videos – We have two sections here, Pro’s and Local’s. Pro’s being videos from the web of guys that get paid to surf. Local’s section is for everybody else.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope your as stoked as we are about this!

– Mo Stoke Team