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Sean Thompson-boards

Sean Thompson-boards

Like I said I could definitely use more length. Or more width.

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Dims: 7'-18-3 or 4
Fin set up: Thruster glassed in.
Fins I like in this board: I like the 5 fin because you never know
Wave type surfed in: Florida waves....

What I like:

I like the length of my board and the solid glossing. And the nose rocker is allright.

What I don't like:

Actually it's a little short for what I need and it's a tad thin widthwise.

If I bought this board again I would:

Do exactly what I am doing, trying to surf that puppy.


Like I said I could definitely use more length. Or more width.

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  1. Actually I’m leaning towards a big ass fish board. I have ONE board and it REALLY needs to count in most of our crappy fl. conditions…..

  2. Well, a lot has changed for me since I first signed up here. I have moved from a 7 foot Swanson to a 5 -4 Bottom feeder. I Love the fact that it has the 5 fin option JUST IN CASE we get some magnificent waves so it sits in wait usually in the back rack of my Toyota….anyway I didn’t change anything here as I didn’t want to upset any chance for this drawing we have going on here…


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