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    paging hardcoresharkhunterRI , cleanup in aisle 1


    we need Shark Hunter in here



    Lol He would break the forum!



    Scroll around on the map in this link. These are the just the sightings in the last 48 hours… I think yesterday a few beaches were closed for at least an hour yesterday, and that seems to be the m.o. the last few days.

    And I read another article this morning (Boston Herald) where the scientist (Dr. Skomal) says the numbers are already up over last year at this time.


    Good work Valhallalla!


    Capecodcdog that is nuts, hopefully everybody stays safe up there this year.


    Words been out among Mr. Grey for a while now and it’s a free for all. Their changing their hunting tactics to adapt to the environment as they have every place they live. And if anyone’s never seen how many seals there are now? It’s just like South Africa in some parts. Seriously. Crazy. Anyone surfing there has seriously big balls or a serious mental defect… or probably both lol



    Cape Cod has no shark problem. It has a seal problem. Seal be gone/shark be gone.


    Agreed Barry, it’s all about that food source.


    That’s the hard truth, but you’d think you were crazy telling people that… according to them, we’ve always had these sharks around, we just notice them now. Anyway, there’s been talk about how the seal pop has grown so fast that food source depletion is happening so there will be starvation, disease and die off of pretty significant numbers and then you may see some measure of control but as long as their on the cape, the white sharks will stay as oBarry said. It’s crazy how many more there are though…


    And the seals and sharks think there is a human problem. One thing is for sure, the bait fish hate everyone.


    Fuck SharkHunter we need SealHunter up in this motherfucker! Seals are such little pussies, always poking their gay little heads up on the surface. Peak a boo its me, go fuck yourself – gay little Seals.


    And then they have the audacity to sunbathe on the beach and as soon as you get within 50 feet of their precious space they flop their fat vaginas back into the surf. There almost as bad as short bitches that try to surf in suites that dont fit. Now dont get me started on that.


    Hahahaha Damn those seals!


    This happened today in Cape Cod bay 3 miles west of Great Island Wellfleet.

    Article in CCT




    Yeah, there’s no problem here. Why, great white sharks go after hooked small fish all the time. Cause they look like seals.


    Where the fuck did they learn THAT shit? Better not skurf in the area or you’ll get eaten I guess… hmmmmm… I know a few people I’m buying skurf borts for now



    You guys ain’t gonna believe this.

    I was watching National Geographic a few nights ago, all the nature/science channels are featuring non-stop shark shows over the week.

    so the show started by noting that shark attacks and sightings have become more frequent over the last couple of decades (duh), and stayed that they were going to attempt to find out “why”.

    instead of the simplest and most logical conclusion (increase in food population due to regulations against seal destruction), they went on to state that microplastics contained in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the actual cause, supposedly because sharks eat anything and the microplastics are believed to make them perpetually hungry.

    The show went on about sharks a little (with typical Shark Week fear and hysteria), but was broken up constantly showing turtles, sea fowl and other ocean life forms covered in 6-pack rings and other detritus. In other words, instead of showing sharks, viewers were treated to an ecological guilt trip.

    I believe in ecology and a clean ocean and Earth, but claiming that the recent changes in shark behaviors are primarily due to a garbage patch is, well…fake.


    The Man behind the Green Curtain – the wizard of BS was hard at work on THAT segment but then again, bullshit and coercion is the new information highway. You can’t have an honest discussion about the envirmonment or issues like this without some assmissile putting a spin on it and effectively ruining any common sense solutions or dialogue with a clear purpose. Next you’ll hear that the microwaves from mars are refracting off Donald Trumps hair and making the sharks into angry liberals with a taste for smelly wetsuits and guys named Mitch


    Lol Good one Waldo.



    Snowflakes really believe this propaganda Bullshit.

    Open a seal hunting season on the east coast. Maine – Florida


    I would be painting the bottom of my board like a sea snake and getting shark banz

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