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    Wow. Good waves every single day. Sat was well overhead then head high every day til Thursday then it dropped to waist.


    That sounds amazing man! What kind of waves were they? Slow, fast, hollow or Aā€™s… pics? Glad you had a great trip Mano – did you mayhap surf with Mr Yank at all?



    Glad you scored, Pump.

    I usually look at the Malpais cam pointed at Santa Teresa every day, and it’s been super consistent the last few weeks. I could have sworn I saw Yanqui surfing there on a couple of days.


    Dude tell us / show us more if you can!


    i didnt do a lot of pics since i was surfing:). Esterillos is a slow peel, flat take off wave that just rolls forever. Lots and lots of turns but no barrels (which is what my old ass likes). Rode my 6 2 performance squash tail until theusday then broke out my 5 10 squash quad fish. got out tuesday morning and got to release newly hatched sea turtles. Pretty cool experience.


    can you go on an EmassSpicoli-like tangent describing your best ride?



    Waves….meh….how about the hookers?? How were they??



    The waves were good to very good most daze in Nosara.

    There were a couple of days with brisk offshores, as in no locals were out there only turistas getting hosed for their one hour surf lessons, paddling & missing, even with the push, repeat ad nauseum. Kinda funny – – the Tico coaches are gonna get paid even if it is 35 knots & spray coming off the lip like Victory at Sea – – the newbs don’t know any better.

    Early in trip was most size, well overhead on sets. Rode my 8′ Smooth Operator 59 litres most of the week. What a great boart. Biolos got this one very correct. Fast planing paddler = wave catcher, light, maneuverable, when I was fresh I was able to duck dive it. Was fried by end of trip, and waves went down to chest high, that’s when I broke out the usual go-to 10′ Driftah & that was a lotta fun too.

    North end of beach to the middle it was A-framing, longer paddle out, to the south smaller & more closeouts, shorter paddle out (often dry hair despite 200 yds out). Tide seemed much more influential this trip. Mid-tide was the time to go. Low was go-get-fed time, High was ok some daze & then doing the fake standup, roll under & break 30 yards closer to shore thing.

    Great hotel, superb food, didn’t lose any lbs don’t care. The Tico pura vida people thing is wonderful. Walk to waves, surf, eat, sleep, repeat. I’m a lazy buoy.

    Weather excellent. Not too hot, not too dusty yet, one light rainfall all week long. Crowds were brutal on Tday & Black Friday. Then, gringos went home & it was fine.

    Haven’t unpacked my boarts yet, fingers crossed that DL didn’t Destroy.

    All in all, great trip.



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    Good stuff Yank, and Pump. Iā€™m glad you guys have some stoke to share, that place always seems to deliver, good for youse guys!


    Biggest crowd was 3 people šŸ™‚


    Barry, Not sure about hookers. Did learn Quanta parra usted? (how much for you). Most girls were around 50 bucks.


    oh, and no wetsuits at all