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    If you like HVAC, as you say, why leave? The grass is always greener? A job is a job IMO – you should enjoy it for what it is, but looking to make work something you connect with deeply just doesn’t make sense to me. If your job allows you to live as comfortably as you’d like, affords time with your loved ones/hobbies and doesn’t drain your soul, what are you looking for? Unless you’re a trust fund baby, works gonna be work.

    That being said, if you’re going to go into this 100%, my advice would be start out small with a food truck (less overhead and less haircut should things go south). Going brick and mortar off the bat is foolish for the reasons mentioned above. Do it well, and you may never need to get a storefront.

    Don’t make a menu with a billion things. Make one thing, and make it damn better than anyone else can. That’s how you’ll get ahead of the game and generate a niche. You can get a sandwich and a beer anywhere, but what about arepas? Legit fried chicken? Generic will be the death of you, double down on your specialty.



    Intriguing personal stories regarding guys career choices in this treade. Really good stuff, particularly the more ‘seasoned’ guys 🙂

    Panhandler’s, that’s a life well lived. Same with G-Man, others would also be cool to read.



    let the life advice flow through us all like too much dmt at a questionable carolina music festival.


    Chicks can dose you with many things i suppose. long as they got big tits.



    Bass, hope things go well for you with whatever decision(s) you make. You have grit & solid self-confidence, merely by running the concepts that you’re considering past others.

    To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. Simple ol’ Chinese proverb. Maybe out of a fortune cookie, I dunno, but you are going to do well with whatever your choice. Many think they have ‘it’ but they’re just self-deceiving. Keep us posted, senor.

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    Well, choices are what make the differences…you make good choices, you increase chance of success. You make bad choices… get it.

    My choices bounced me all over the place, career wise. After growing up in PR, I could not wait to leave that island. Was going island crazy. So I got into college in NH and got a degree in Biology, then on to work for Raytheon Marine (radars, sounders etc) while I worked on my Masters in Marine Sciences. But I realized that, sitting in a dinghy, netting and counting guppies, is no way to earn a living (I was already married as well). So I chose to take the State Police tests, and I beat out 700 candidates to be put on the waiting list with 19 other guys. When an opening came up, we were slotted in there. Chose to leave as chasing taillights for a living got old real quick, as well as the threat of violence did. Joined a pharma company and bingo, that choice got me a great salary, car, insurances and a high degree of independence in job performance. But, within that job, things got real over regulated, and made difficult, by Congress et al. But, I chose to remain, and I was placed as a Science Field Liaison, out of sales (thank god) and then enjoyed 30 years of great employment. The choice to remain there made my life enjoyable, and gave me lot of time to surf, race my sailboat, and pay for great schools for my daughter, and ultimately, retire at age 62. I saw a lot of good friends come and go out of the company because they could NOT stand the regulation, the paper/computer work etc. I CHOSE to put up with it, and that worked for me.

    We control our own destinies, by choices. When in college, every Saturday for the 1st 2 years, I would go to Manpower and sign in to work unloading tractor trailers, inventory counting in companies, painting, drywall…where ever I was needed. That was beer and pizza (and on occasional ounce of weed). Then, my 3rd year, I was offered a hard job, 15hrs/week, as a lab tech at the College I was in, working doing hematology work with mice that had been radiated with Cobalt-60, for the Atomic Energy Commission. I chose to accept that, knowing it was going to screw up my social life, but I did it for 2 years summer included, where it went to 40 hours. Every interviewer I ever had for pharma, without exception, asked me about that–that choice to do that job, scientifically, while in college, got me every promotion within pharma; every interviewer asked me about it, in detail.

    Choices determine our destiny. Choose carefully, thoughtfully, AND, make the choice informed as best you can (I didn’t always, ie, trooper job).



    <p>Knowing Bass, I can tell you your spot on about him Yank. Impressive young dude – NOT cut out of the typical cloth at all. Good and decent and hungry to improve his lot in life and enjoy it. He will make a move when he feels he has all the waves lined up and timed so to speak – and he takes good advice seriously. <br />
    And it’s funny but I see guys like him and I WANT them to succeed and tell them so because so much of my own life has been spent wishing I was someone else, wishing I could “succeed” at something that was my own – but let myself and others talk me out of anything and everything I ever wanted to try. I took that path of making choices out of need rather than want or wish. Convinced myself that I was being responsible and realistic. <br />
    I’ve been a mechanic, a kindergarten teacher, a truck driver, a Probation officer, a carpenter, a landscape tech, a stern man on an offshore lobster boat, a Sargent in the Army, a deputy for a large county in MA, all for the need of a job to pay the bills. <br />
    But I’ve also been a motorcycle racer, and offshore boat builder and driver, a front man for a crazy good band, a half ass surfer who wants to get barreled some day, and a pretty good designer and fabricator. NONE of which I’ve ever had the drive or the self worth to follow through on. THATS why I want guys like BMon to get up on that wave and fucking SURF IT. <br />
    That dam board stand design I showed you buoys a while ago? I’ve had no less than 5 different people see it and go nuts and tell me they want to help me make something of it, if the idea and designs I have for all kinds of shit like that..and I’ve done nothing. Always find a legitimate”reason” to not have time; although it would only take me deciding to build 30 on my own and the three biggest surf shops around would sell them for me, no questions asked. Gave each of them two for displays and for their shops to use and their a hit. Then take that money and buy a programmable routing/cutting table and my production goes up 150% <br />
    next round I have 150 to sell and go online. There’s pitfalls galore – believe me I know; their all the excuse I’ve needed to NOT do it. Just like having a guy from Geffin records tell me he has a double signed band that “needs a guy like you” , and telling him no because I’m getting married soon. My wife would have followed me to a fuckin rock fight so that was a total horseshit excuse but it was “legit” right?</p>
    <p>My rambling has a purpose though – to highlight the one thing I DIDNT have…</p>
    <p>someone to show me a different perspective. Here, yeah it’s internet, but it’s DIFFERENT perspectives with some experience to them. You can and SHOULD get as many as you can when your making decisions about things. </p>
    <p> </p>



    this thread is getting deep and epic! I know everybody has had a hard battle in life, but jeeze you guys got some sweet stories. Crazy how everything works out.


    Trev, why do you think so much of what youve done on your personal journey is interesting to so many people? Because it’s epic in its own right. I listen to things from Chavez, NYNJ, LB, Barry, Goofy foot, La Piedra(miss that guy) DP, Mitchel,Starfish, Yank, others…and it’s amazing how people get through and stay on their path. At least to me. I know I couldn’t do what you do because we’re built differently and have different goals but some of it is pie in the sky to me … shit i daydream about. So we get to live a little bit through each other I guess. And you nailed it – especially some of the stuff I learned about these buoys whilst on SI forumme – some of these dudes have some CRAZY amazing stories.

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