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    does he surf?

    does he hate when we have fun?

    why does he hate a sense of community?

    is he friendless?

    is he a shape shifting inter dimensional reptilian?

    why such douchiness?


    is it Hanna?


    I think its hanna

    theories? thoughts? messages for simod5? put em up here and then some can dm him the link


    I think it’s Hannah too. Sad sad little man he is.


    some turd with an axe to grind




    What happened?


    @ Fungus, just making fun of SImod5 for being the douche he is. He’s still policing that site like there’s no tomorrow even though there’s no forecast anymore and no end in sight. With hardly anybody posting there, I’m surprised he’s still as vigilant as he is. All the while, still not communicating with the forum members about what the hell is going on.



    Right around the time we experienced the evil birth of the Simods, a couple users seemed to mysteriously disappear. Hannah was one. Wayne was one.

    Also, a total douche female Swellie named Scarecrow. Then there was the guy who said MSNBC is not biased in the Trump thread. Pintail Donkey. And we can’t forget Chuck-a-boo. Any one of these could be a Simod.


    Chavez can always be counted on nice tits in the avatar



    Deffo not chuck a boo boo, that dude’s on some other shit.


    Agreed SS, definitely not Chuck-a-booboo.


    Careful with those titties Chavez, they look like they will hurt somebody. It may have been what caused Barry’s cock catheter to pop!


    SirBallyhooo good to see you!


    Thanks for the help DP!


    Anytime bro, it wouldn’t be the same without you!


    oops accidental post in wrong area.. was testing youtube post in irie tread..

    looks like there is no way currently to delete posts 🙁




    Do you want me to show you how to get shit canned from S.I. real quick, I may burn my bridges but I’m to old to care….lol


    Yes! This could be fun hahaha



    How to embed videos??



    Is there a way to cancel your SI account short of posting obscenity? I don’t like juggling multiple platforms or women


    I have posted hundreds of porn links at SI, embedded in periods and commas, good luck finding all those from the last half decade simod!

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 129 total)

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