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    S5 1091IMAG0709oz

    PR !) 351PR !) 170

    Man you guys are scared to post pics of your old lady? I wear the pants so here we are, at our favorite strip club, in PR and lounging by our pool



    Chavez, I thought your wife’s picture was your avatar…!

    Yeah, that’s my wife. When I’m home alone with some hand lotion and a sweat sock.


    Star, yeah I’m LEO, since 2008, and worked both sides of the ball as a Probation Officer for 7 of those years. But I’m a jerk of all trades and a dirty hands kind of guy so you’ll find me at my happiest, outside of hangin with my gang or surfing, in an engine bay or under a hood. I can’t fix what’s broken in my head so I fix other shit to feel better 😂

    Stuck, nice work Brother👍😎 and whose the little grom ripping that wave apart? Cool pics Mano – and DP, I think the unwritten rule is No rub outs allowed so come on in, the waters fine!



    LEO from the NE?

    you talk like this at the office?



    how does a dude with a dad-bod and 3 chins score a chic like that?

    asking for a friend



    Hey Stuck on Gulf,

    I have to ask, are those your boats on the lifts? SWEET Glass …………. the wide bow deep hull with Yam about 25/27 footer, no wonder stuck on the Gulf, you got it all ………………….


    Some of the old school Bahstin boyzz still talk like that but naaahhh, I only go full Southie when I drink Jameson😂

    I was a pretty good PO because I could walk the walk and talk it too so I knew how and why they were sitting in my office and I got it. And they did too… and half of their boyz on the inside grew up with me so it was the best kept secret in lockup.

    oh and I don’t ever wear a shoulder rig – too much like low hanging fruit if you catch my drift. On duty, I look like every other Deputy you see on TV. Closest thing to being back in the military without all the crazy. Well, most of it anyway


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    Hey Stuck on Gulf, I have to ask, are those your boats on the lifts? SWEET Glass …………. the wide bow deep hull with Yam about 25/27 footer, no wonder stuck on the Gulf, you got it all ………………….

    Haha I see what you did there


    dayum, son. Right on.


    The grom is my son about 8 years ago. He’s 14 now and is an avid suefer and skimmer. Yeah those are my hulls, beautys aint they? You score a woman like that with a little luck and a big meat stick to keep em coming back. She 100% boriqua, born and raised in PR till she was 25, then came to the states. I got it all goofy, everything except surf!



    Maybe we get a little this weekend.

    Saturday here, Sunday over yonder.

    Depending on when the front blows through.

    Hopefully when it’s light outside.




    You guys may have noticed I took my pictures down. It had been my intent to post them for a few days so that those of us that are regulars may see them and know, I am whom I say I am (outside of my joking around). Now that you guys have seen them, it is best to NOT leave them up too long as then a trouble maker may find a way to use them to our disadvantage.

    I have enjoyed seeing all of yours. And I thank you for allowing me to get to know you guys a bit better. Also, special thanks to GF for also removing my pics which were included in his quoted response to mine!!

    Best to all!!

    Damn…youz guys DO have HOT wives as well. Glad to know you are also as lucky as I have been in that department. My friends up here are all waiting/hoping for me to die so they can move in…hahahaha!! (so I am told by a few honest friends….).



    I do appreciate everyone who participated in this thread. Now let’s make mostoke the #1 surf site.


    Moondog bruh, it already is. Cause of threads like this and Lances and Stars… DP’s… you get it. I keep hoping to see more of Seldom, love to see the return of Daddy Stone, miss our Metard…, but you know, give em time and they will.

Viewing 13 posts - 61 through 73 (of 73 total)

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