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    This forum needs a tread aboot surfing. I’m sure PeaJay will be along shortly but I wanted to get it started since I actually surfed yesterday and today. Ha! It would be cool if this tread could remain in the spirit of the one at the other site. A place to talk aboot something we all love: the act of surfing. Try to leave the BS elsewhere.

    So I’ll go…


    I must be dreaming. I actually surfed two consecutive days in the middle of the summer in south Florida. It’s like Christmas in July. Don’t misunderstand, it’s just knee high 5 second chop but it’s enough to propel me towards the shore and even maneuver some.

    My buddy and I surfed a couple hours each day around low tide. Sunday was a bit bigger and actually kinda lined up with regular bomb sets. The right wave could result in a long ride if worked in a propre fashion. Wave count was high with the short period surf. Fun factor was high too because we’re just happy to get something.

    The past month we’ve had some small surfable waves (yes, wind chop) at regular two week intervals always on a weekend. Not much but it has been enough to tide me over considering the time of year and my locale. Hoping we get some well positioned tropical systems to bring propre swell but if not, summer will be over soon enough.

    Life is goode.
    I still feel sorry for people who don’t surf.


    Sounds fun Valhallalla, better than nothing right!?






    Thanks for starting this thread Valhalla. It’s nice to have a civil surf thread







    Nice Val. Good to see you guys on here. I hope someone told Peajay, CapeCodCDog, World B Free and guys like that to come over here.


    Hey Chavez, I invited all those guys. I probably missed a couple of the guys who rarely post but pretty sure I covered most of the regulars. Should be a matter of time and this place will be hopping!



    Dude, I compiled a list of like 60 guys on the other thread.


    Yeah, I just responded.


    I want to surf this south swell, but I have stuff to do till 415pm, gonna have to do the after work town surf special, with 500 of my best friends, at least its something!


    Thanks Betty. Good to see you here and I know you will be posting in this tread when you can.

    Yeah, DP, better than nothing and nothing is what we usually have this time of year. I just take whatever I can get and try to make the best of it. Real waves will eventually return.

    Hope you get some Starfish. One nice thing aboot where I’m at is that while surf is scarce and mostly insufficient I rarely have to share waves with anybody I don’t want to.


    Still waiting for a rideable wave here in Melbourne. 2019 has not been all that great, it’s had its moments, but they seem so far in the distant past.



    Yesterday was nice. Dead flat as expected but by about 3pm the wind picked up and created some waist high chop. Not great at all, but holy crap an actual ride during this horrible July.



    I am gearing up for a surf session, first one I feel well enough for since May 🙂

    I am looking at the Surfline forecasts: as we all know, much of June was flat, more than usual even. Surfline projects it to be flat throughout the month of July.


    I don’t recall it ever ever being so flat for so long. What’s going on that’s different. Its eerie.



    I finally join Surfline, seems to be the best of the other forecasts sites, wished they had the SI color graph, we all like that function. Surfed last Friday @ Yankee’s favorite break, knee high south swell so weak barley pushed my 10′ LB. This has been the longest worse flat spell in a long time for not only for mid Atlantic and watching the Fla. cams.


    Can anybody tell me how to post a picture in a thread from my phone?



    Surfed last Friday w The G Footer, had a lot of laughs hangin’ with the man. He caught many waves on his gorgeous Nick Nolte. I flailed into some waves but it was ugly. And cold water. And crowded. So crowded.

    Saturday went solo a few miles down TPTSNBN & big improvement in the swell, still only knee-thigh high, but hey it was fun & many more rides on a 9’2.

    In 7 hrs on a plane for CR, short shot, back on Sunday, as long as it’s not a Boeing MAX then I’m a happy fella.


    o Betty,

    If you don’t mind could you give me a heads up if/when you go for a session? I’d love to see you again and share some waves and smiles. I haven’t been to the secret inlet since the end of May myself. It has been so flat that there has been nothing to justify the drive.



    What’s up fellas?!?



    What up Zero!? I just responded to your other thread.

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