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Bethany Hamilton & Alana Blanchard Are Both Moms!

Famous surfers and besties, Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard, are now experiencing parenthood together.

Stewart Surfboards Celebrates 40 Years of Shaping Boards

Legendary shaper, Bill Stewart, celebrates forty years in the business.


Rabbi Nachum Shifren Proposes the International Masters Ocean Championships. Rabbi Nachum Shifren in good trim, Malibu. Photo courtesy Y____h. In January of 2017, Rabbi Nachum Shifren – Malibu’s surfing rabbi – came through Oahu – beard, yarmulke, bags and a sack of kosher foods. Rabbi Shifren was on a mission – to gather information, enthusiasm and support for a watermen’s...

Dana Point Teen Has Surfed Over 2,000 Days in a Row

Meg Roh has surfed everyday since June 1, 2011. And she still loves it.

Second ALAS Tour Contest This Weekend In Playa Cocles

Association of Latin American Surfing Professionals, known as ALAS, is having their second contest date of 2017 this weekend, the 27th and 28th of January, in Playa Cocles. This will be the first time ALAS visits the waves of the well known beach break on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Cocles hosts many contests throughout the year due to its impressive waves. Surfers seeking good tube riding ...


  THE EDDIE WILL GO The Skies Part for the Eddie Aikau Opening Ceremony at Waimea Bay – December 1, 2016 The opening ceremony for the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational is always a special day – solemn, macho, Hawaiian, colorful, beautiful (and free grinds). Going back to 1990 I’ve attended quite a few of the opening ceremonies. Not all of them, but some of them. The best one was i...

Stop the Reign of Plastic

  As surfers, the sea is our sanctuary. Our happiness thrives in the ocean. We hold onto those dreamy days where our fins cut the water like slick liquid glass and time flows gently like molasses. The only sound in our heads is the hushing silence of the ethereal energy between our feet, the board, and the face of a wave that in that moment belongs to us, or we belong to it. Sometimes it is e...

Nothing Deep About “The Shallows”

Summer movie The Shallows, starring pretty much only Blake Lively and shark, was released this past June. The premise is Blake Lively’s body. And a shark that for some reason wants bloody revenge against human beings. The plot begins as the Lively’s character, Nancy, stares out into the beautiful blue waters of some secluded beach in Mexico, and then Skypes her dad about how amazing it is. Here we...

Surfing the Supermoon with Kassia Meador

November saw the visit of the closest full moon since Janurary 1948, and many of us were treated to a night sky lit up by a big and bright supermoon from the 13th through the 14th. Dubbed the “Queen of Noseriding” by the New York Times, Kassia Meador stepped away from sponsored surfing in 2013 to begin building her brand, KASSIA+SURF , as a beacon for women empowerment and sustainable wetsuit gear...

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Beer

Admit it, you love beer. Now, you can feel good about drinking it too. The following is a list of nine incredible health benefits associated with your favorite brew.