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    What island, and which spot?? That isn’t up in your neck of the woods, is it?? Not with the color water turquoise….

  • Yeah, thanks guys. Been a worrisome year health wise (GF has that right!!), tests are now a scary thing, pathology results are terrifying…… But anyways, as Mrs Cuda points out, we will play the cards we are dealt and we will play to win.
    You guys should see the surf here today–15 foot faces easily way way out far from the beach. High…[Read more]

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    Both remember your SI name, and I love the board. Nice pictures.

    Well, the gist is this-had a kidney removed as it had a tumor wreaking havoc inside it. That was July. At 3month cystoscopy checkup, another smaller one found in my bladder, removed in outpatient basis using cystoscope–the surgeon also installed mitomycin which is an antibiotic/chemotherapy that is designed to prevent recurrences. Now, just…[Read more]

  • Victory at Sea here today. Just as well, I am precluded from going out for a few days anyhow……

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    That board must be a magnet for Asian babes, or I see it as spent!! Confess!!!

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    Daylight issue here up North really sucks. It is narrowing light band of hours as we speak. Even as a retiree, it still crimps my desire to get out into water. But, don’t give up!! Surf here is quite large today but blown out with 35-40 MPH wind gusts etc. Not fun.

    Yeah, I know. However, I have written this year off as a surfing year–just had another outpatient procedure to remove a tumor in my bladder–outpatient but still a nuisance. Will get back into water next week perhaps.

  • Viewed video (which I normally do NOT do), and found it to be the very reason I do not view videos of surfing- Nothing to be learned there. Sorry…just opinion. If you want to be a good/great paddler, get on your belly on a longboard (not on a SUP or better called twat yacht) and paddle long distances on flat days. Nothing is better than that.

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    Nice board, pump. A bit too small for my age but it seems a very nice board. Bundle it up well so as to not get damaged during trip airline flights. Enjoy your trip as well!!. Hope you get lots of waves and stay out of trouble!!

  • For me, Cream remains one of the all time greatest rock bands…ever. All 3 musicians were individual stars–together they were amazing
    RIP Ginger Baker.

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    I have bought many brands over the years. Recently, I am favoring Billabongs as they fit be well. Fit is king.
    But also, it is easy to set up an account with them on line. They have good sales periodically–bought a 4/3 last Fall for $65. Once I knew my size for Billabong, ordering on line was easy.
    toodle le do.

  • Maybe the water shot UP one nostril and DOWN the other without you knowing it??
    Failing that, do you hear water sloshing around in your skull?? Fishes crossing your vision? Check in the mirror–is there a waterline across your eyeballs?? Oh wait–that is sperm because you haven’t got laid recently. You should work on that–the eye water line…[Read more]

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    The only game I watched were 2 robins fucking in the nearby trees….kinda late in the “season”. But hey, a score is a score……

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    With Lorenzo, I bet the 2019 weak hurricane season is closed. Oh sure, we might get a couple of yellow Xs showing up on National Hurricane Ctr graphs, but that is it. As usual, the way overprediced it, out of fear of losing their Government jobs if they didn’t include “climate change” type of forecasting. The National Science Foundation (overseen…[Read more]

  • Yeah, thanks. Just nice to be out there again. But I think Lorenzo is the last hurricane swell for this season, a rather weak one comparatively speaking. We have had much better, we have had much worse.
    Now, time to wait for Nor’easters……..bring ’em on!!

  • In the water at 6:30 AM, light just breaking through the clouds.
    Waves were head high, glassy first 45 minutes, then a small squall came busting through with winds that lasted 20 minutes. Had a few waves, non were spectacular, but good enough for me. Just being in the water 1 hr 30 mins made my day.
    The waves are from Lorenzo, 15 seconds…[Read more]

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    So, have you been sucking in Southern Comfort and weed for the bleary eyes?? lol

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    My forecast….Lorenzo will be the very LAST storm this hurricane that produces waves. Very weak season….National Hurricane Center = WRONG AGAIN. New York City is still way above water; sorry Al Gore you suck.

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    Another clear cut demonstration of MSW talent—no waves today–flat this morning; forecast 100% incorrect in every aspect…waves, winds, tides, bird poop droppings, whale fornication….nothing forecasted correctly.

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