• O’ Barry, so sorry to have read another procedure after the operation few months ago. You know, I know when they run another test/procedure you’re scared sh*tless! What’s next, haven’t I been through enough already, why me? After all I went through finally shared it on SI, it helped me and hoped it helped others too. You have the courage to…[Read more]

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    This ……..
    Sounds like my old Tim Nolte LB; pressure dings rolled up the deck like the Rocky Mountains, Delam could be measured by 12″ ruler and you could count all the dings on both hands and it was a true Dumpster diver. A strong candidate for Ugliest surfboard on Delmarva, what is more shocking, sold it on Craigs List for $150, proof if its…[Read more]

  • Wifey has become such a social butterfly with dinner plans with friends as missed Sunday evening session then you get those TXTS it was so fun, its all good. Todays DP, local break were just locals for a change, mostly waist with stomach sets for those patient enough to wait them out for long rights @ the jetty peak. No lefts for Goofy today,…[Read more]

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    What Yank said, after buying my first O’Neill “Technobutter” replaced all rubber with “Tech” 1’s,2’s & 3’s. They are so lite and so much easier to fold down my old bones. Then made the mistake trying chest zips, OK in 3/2 but too fu*king hard to squeeze my shoulder out of the heavier rubber. I have a few “Techs” with hang tags still on them doubt…[Read more]

  • Congrats O’Barry, I know how much it means every session and still feel that today even just 1 ride makes it worth it. I saw your earlier post you wearing a 4/3 already? We’ll be in 3/2 next week, oh well its fall.

  • What you don’t see in Mitchell’s Pics was the crowd, was like being @ “Malibu”, what a cluster F*ck ………….
    DP wasn’t much better, after the crowd dispersed, S.W. breeze lighten up, you had to be patient, Lorenzo delivered some of the best lefts @ mid tide I’ve ridden all summer, even old dawg like me gets a juicy bone once in a while, my…[Read more]

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    My guess is Surfline…being California based…under chest to head high is never going to get above a “fair to good” rating even when they know its going to be glassy. Different scale. They need to learn Delaware scale: above 2 feet and not entirely blown out = epic. Tell everyone how you just scored the swell of the year.[/quote]
    I’ve learned…[Read more]

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    Yankee made a believer out me after joining Surline, its not as accurate as SI when Micah was forecasting while my biggest complaint “Fair to Good” when it waist high + and glassy. O’ Barry maybe we should start a “Go Fund Me” page as MSW is for “Morons” so you can get with the program., you’re so Funny …………….

  • @ Kidrock ……… Ditto

    Yankee sent me an E-mail few weeks ago about the data breach @ Equifax in 2017 (130 million files), “you might want to check if your file was hacked”. Wifey & my file were both hacked so spent a few hours ordering free consumer files to be 101% sure no one has sold/stolen our identities. Now we have to file a claim…[Read more]

  • I got it too, same message, my concern, just checked my MoStoke messages, this message was NOT there but it was a MoStoke format message to my E-mail? I was hoping to discover the screen name so how did so called Marie Cooper obtain my E-mail address with out posting a message sent through the forum?

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    Spam or Scam alert ? – received this MoStoke PM, appears to be a Spam or Scam for a “Trojan Horse” imbedded in an E-mail. Even if she posted a full frontal on Scantily Clad thread still smells like rotten Fish.


    “coopermarie sent you a new message: “HELLO” “Hello Deari saw your profile and became interested in you, my name is Marie Cooper i am…[Read more]

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    Yank, your buddy Wayne must have recited a prayer as the surf Gods delivered, it was a fun day, so much better than forecasted. Finally, 10′ T.N. had some faces to perform that foil that Tim shapes into in performance LB’s.

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