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Dana Point Teen Has Surfed Over 2,000 Days in a Row

February 6, 2017
Dana Point Teen Has Surfed Over 2,000 Days in a Row

This morning, Meg Roh paddled out for her daily surf, just like she has every day since June 1, 2011. The eighteen-year-old from Dana Point, California began surfing daily at age twelve in order to train for an upcoming contest. The contest came and went, but the streak remained intact. Here, Roh gives us some insight to her incredible journey and shares her favorite surf spots and what she hopes her surfing future holds.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up in Dana Point and learned how to surf when I was four or five years old with my mom and dad. Everybody in my family surfs and I love surfing with them.

So when did this journey begin and what inspired it?

On June 1, 2011 I made a goal to surf every day as a way to prepare for an upcoming surf contest. I didn’t end up winning the contest, but I did continue to surf everyday as a way to challenge myself and improve my surfing. When the summer ended I had surfed about 90 days in a row and decided I would continue surfing until I reached 100 days. I’ve been surfing every day since then.

What qualifies as a surf session?

I catch a minimum of 5 waves every day, but usually more.

Have your parents been supportive?

My parents have definitely been very supportive of all of my dreams and goals in life! I usually surf with my mom, stepdad, or friends.

Where do you typically surf?

I typically surf Doheny or San Onofre. Those are by far my favorite surf spots.

Cross-stepping into another dreamy Doheny sesh.

What has the reaction from the surf community been like?

The reaction from the surf community has been absolutely amazing! It’s so great to be surrounded by people who love the ocean and surfing as much as I do and believe in my goals and dreams.

What have been some of the craziest days/conditions you’ve surfed in?

My flight came in late on the way home from a surf trip in Mexico one year and I ended up surfing in the dark. I ended up convincing my stepdad to come surf with me because surfing in the dark can be a little eerie. I’ve also surfed a couple times with a fever and in some gnarly storms.

Has it been tough fitting in surfing with school?

Fitting in school and surfing hasn’t been too much of an issue. I have surf team for a class at school three days a week, so I’m able to surf and I don’t have to be at school until 9 or 10. On the other days, I usually bring my surf stuff to school and go straight to the beach from school. Grades are really important to me. I’m trying to attend UCSB or University of Hawaii for college next year.

Style and grace-what longboarding’s all about.

After all these years, is it still fun?

After all these years surfing is still so fun for me! I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love every single day.

Has your surfing streak prevented you from doing other things?

My surfing streak has prevented me from doing a couple other things like traveling. I have been able to travel to some places and make surfing work. This past December I went camping in Joshua Tree for my friend’s birthday and ended up driving back and forth each day to surf.

What’s been the best part about this entire journey?

The best part about this entire journey has been meeting so many inspirational people and getting the chance to share my passion for surfing with others. I’ve learned a lot about pushing myself outside of my comfort zone every day and being fearless. In addition, I’ve learned about working hard to make my dreams come true.

Can you tell us about the film you were part of, The Search for Freedom? Was that cool to have your name among some of the biggest names in surfing?

It was so awesome being featured in the Universal Studios action sports documentary, The Search for Freedom, with athletes I have looked up to since I was little! I still can’t believe that I got to be apart of some of the biggest names in surfing and I’ll forever be stoked on that.

Who are some of your surfing role models?

Rell Sunn and Kelly Slater.

Is there an end in sight?

I hope to end my surfing streak soon and be able to see a little more of the world. I will probably be a little sad, but happy that I had the opportunity to surf this many days and learn so much on my journey.

What are your surfing goals looking forward?

I hope to become a longboard world champion and be able to travel around the world, sharing my passion for surfing with others and make people smile.

Anything else?

A huge thanks to my parents and everybody who has supported me all these years.

Meg has her sights set on becoming a longboarding world champ.

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