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Second ALAS Tour Contest This Weekend In Playa Cocles

January 29, 2017
Second ALAS Tour Contest This Weekend In Playa Cocles

Association of Latin American Surfing Professionals, known as ALAS, is having their second contest date of 2017 this weekend, the 27th and 28th of January, in Playa Cocles. This will be the first time ALAS visits the waves of the well known beach break on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Cocles hosts many contests throughout the year due to its impressive waves. Surfers seeking good tube riding and getting barrelled can appreciate this break. Both lefts and rights break close to the pretty white-sand beach. $10,000 total in cash prizes is on the table for this professional event. ALAS is considered to be the ultimate professional surfing tour in Latin America and, consequently, many elite surfers are expected. The first contest was held at Playa Viña del Mar in Chile two weeks ago.

Playa Cocles is a popular surfer destination for its barrelling left and rights

Epic Conditions Expected in Playa Cocles

Called the Latin Pro Puerto Viejo, presented by Atlántida Lodge, the event is already stirring excitement. Organizers and surfers are stoked for a big swell this weekend. Alberto Torres, the local organizer, expects “epic conditions” due to both the weather and surf reports. This time of year is the high season for waves in this part of the country. Surfers will travel from all parts of Costa Rica to attend. In addition, visiting surfers from other Latin American countries are already arriving.

The Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica has many surf break


CR National Champion Leilani McGonagle won a contest at Cocles in 2015

Things to Do Near Playa Cocles

Playa Cocles is a popular surfing and tourist beach near Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo caters to tourists of all budgets, interests, and ages. You’ll find a variety of bars that cater to just about all styles of music, but reggae will be the most popular. One of the local favorites is a place called Lazy Mon, which hosts fire dancing shows and other live musical acts.Tasty Waves Cantina is another popular little surf bar while Johnny’s Place is the area’s long standing dance club/bar. Known for it roots, rock, and reggae vibe on the dance floor, you can get a groove on. Rent a beach cruiser to feel the energy of this little beach town. Lock up bikes, however, as there is bike theft in Puerto Viejo much as most other beach towns. You may want to just cruise around on a beach cruiser when you’re waiting for the tide.


Wave watching is just as popular as catching them in beautiful Playa Cocles.

Puerto Viejo is one of the most unique parts about Costa Rica. It draws people there for it’s Caribbean vibes, African influence, good waves and beautiful beaches. it’s neighbor, Playa Cocles, shares thoses characteristics. The town is a very small village with just two stores, a school and a soccer field. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. You can find them sitting outside together laughing and enjoying life. In order to keep the beach a safe place to swim and enjoy, the community has come together and contributed to pay for lifeguard services. You can feel safer paddling out or going for a swim knowing that help is at hand. The current can get pretty strong in this area.

Where to Stay

If you are planning to visit Playa Cocles during a surf contest, book a hotel or hostel ahead of time. The area gets packed on contest weekends and you don’t want to be stuck looking for a room at the last minute. There are several hotels in Cocles and dozens more in nearby Puerto Viejo. Check with Tripadvisor for recommendations and reviews; there are options for all budgets. You will find peaceful, pleasing accomodations in Playa Cocles if there is availability. If you are going to surf, this is the best choice in my opinion. The town is charming and has a sweet vibration that will lure you to want to stay longer.

More About ALAS

To find out more about ALAS Tour and The Latin American Surfing Association, click here. The website is in Spanish however you can find the tour dates under the Calendar dates. If you are interested in inscribing for an event you are sure to have an incredible experience. With tour dates at some of the best beaches in Latin America, how could you not? The Latin Pro Puerto Viejo in Playa Cocles promises to be an exceptional show.




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