DIFFERENT DRUMMER: Dennis Dragon (1947 – 2017)

Chemtrail conspiracist, Gump-class ping pong talent, waterman, dedicated Frisbista, long-time Malibu resident, raconteur, hair farmer, dude dresser and drummer/writer/producer, Grammy Award-winning founder of The Surf Punks - Dennis Dragon’s talent carved the widest of arcs - from the 1950s to the 21st Century: creative, funny, kind, prolific, eccentric, a lover and a giver.…

TAKE EVERY WAVE: A Conversation with LairdDocumentarian Rory Kennedy

Daughter of Robert Kennedy. Cousin of JFK Jr. Oscar-nominated documentarian and Malibu resident Rory Kennedy has a long list of producer and director credits going back to 1999, and including the Academy Award-nominated Last Days in Vietnam (2014), which she shared with Keven McAlester. Rory is a Kennedy, which means she has the family passion…

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