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The 8 Worst People You’ll Meet in the Lineup

The 8 Worst People You’ll Meet in the Lineup

For better or for worse, every lineup is home to a wide variety of board shapes and sizes, people of different sizes and statures, and a wide array of personalities. Many of us can attest to the amazing people water sports attract and have stories of lifelong friends made on the water. But unfortunately, the lineup is also home to some not so splendid people as well. The following is a list of eight of the absolute worst people you’ll meet in the lineup. Hopefully, you’re not one of them.

The Territorial Local

This guy has been surfing the same break at the same time every day for years and he now feels that he owns it. Never mind the handful of other surfers that call the break their home, it’s all his. You’re from out of town? Then you might as well get lost, because this entitled surfer is going to give you an earful if you get in his way.

My turf, my surf.

The Super Grom

Every town has a break that the groms flock to. And if you make the mistake of trying to surf there before 8 a.m. or after 3 p.m., you’ll be greeted by an assortment of tiny boards and neon neoprene. You can’t help but be annoyed by a lineup crowded by kids who have yet to hit puberty, but as soon as you paddle out you’ll realize you won’t be getting any waves. These kids make your surfing look like child’s play.

The Chatty Cathy

We’re all about being social and making friends out in the lineup, but there’s that one guy (or girl) who just won’t shut up. When he first engaged you in conversation, you thought ‘sweet, a new friend.’ But here you are, thirty minutes later, and your wave count is still zero. At least you know his life story.


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  1. The Aggro-Maniac: He’s not a local, but he thinks he’s way better than you, and than he actually is, for that matter. Surfing isn’t about fun to him, its about displaying his prowess and intimidation at all costs. He’d rather kick out and punch somebody than get a good ride into the bay. Every set wave is his, and he loves to shout, calling people off his wave, before he’s even caught it. These guys ruin the stoke for everyone around them, aloha isn’t even in their vocabulary.


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