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Hometown Highlights: Kuau, Hawaii

Hometown Highlights: Kuau, Hawaii

Sarah Hauser is originally from New Caledonia, but made the dream move to Kuau, HI in 2013. She has been soaking up the Hawaiian sunshine and loving it ever since. In our first installment of “Hometown Highlights,” the professional water sports athlete gives us the inside scoop on life in Kuau and why it is the perfect location for her.

Hometown: Kuau, HI

Sport(s): Windsurfing, SUP, surf, slackline

Sarah Hauser, right at home in Kuau, Hawaii.

What’s Kuau like? Kuau is the area right between Paia and Ho’okipa, two places that I love! The neighborhood is full of surfers and windsurfers. My favorite part is that I can literally go surf or windsurf from the house; I just have to grab my board and walk down the street. Sometimes, when the waves are big, I can hear them breaking when everything else is quiet at night.

You moved from New Caledonia, why? I guess I got the “explorer gene” from my parents who moved away from France to New Caledonia when they were 27 and started our family there. I also realized that it was a very dynamic epicenter for water sports athletes and it’s also much cheaper and easier to access waves. In New Caledonia, the reefs are 18 miles away from the shore, so we have to go by boat, which is expensive money and energy wise. I’m very happy to live in Hawaii. There is so much to do; I feel like it will take me more than a lifetime to explore everything.

Surf? Ho’okipa has three to five main breaks: The Point, Green Tree, Middle (right and left) and Pavilion. You have to be comfortable paddling in the current to surf there and the waves are powerful and often crowded. Lanes is an awesome left, it’s just next to Hookipa. It’s pretty fast! If you go to Kanaha, you’ll find gentle SUP friendly waves.

Hauser, doing her thing.

Best places to eat? The restaurants in Paia and Haiku are really nice and affordable. I love the Fish Market for a good old burger. Flatbread has awesome flatbreads and salads! And Hana Ranch is all about organic, locally grown products. The Colleen’s in Haiku is perfect if you’re starving and need huge portions!

Coffee shops? Baked on Maui right next to the Quatro, Goya, SOS, and Katzuma factories. Paia Bay Coffee is very cute with plants everywhere. And Charley’s has the biggest pancakes I’ve ever seen!


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